March 23rd

Today we are starting a month called 25 Acts of Energy Conservation. Each day this month we will be posting conservation ideas for saving energy, water and reducing waste. Join us by acting to conserve, find a creative way to tell us what you have done, and enter to win up to $1000 for your school.

Our 25 Acts tip for today is:
If our school turned off lights when not needed:
We would save 6920 kgCO2/year
That’s equivalent to planting 35 trees

Save 8760 kWh/year, compared to using T8 fluorescent lighting an extra 4 hours per day.

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About SES 25 Acts

The Saskatchewan Environmental Society is a non-profit, registered charity whose mandate is to work towards a world in which all needs can be met in sustainable ways. Sustainability requires healthy ecosystems, livelihoods, and communities.