April 18 – Save Energy!

One of the easiest ways to save electricity is to turn out lights that aren’t needed. Using only half the lighting in a classroom can save a school almost 7000 kgCO2/yr. That’s like planting 35 trees.

April 4 – Save Water!

Save Water! Water and energy: what’s the connection? A lot of energy goes into treating and pumping the water we use every day. Conserving our precious water resource also helps to preserve our precious environment.

March 21 – 25 Acts Begins!

Join us in conservation energy this month. Take action by turning out lights, biking or walking to school, and turning off electronics that aren’t in use. Projects can be big or small, the judges like them all!

Webcast Launch for 25 Acts of Energy Conservation

On Tuesday, Feb 2, from 1-2 pm the Saskatchewan Science Centre hosts a webcast to launch this year’s 25 Acts of Energy Conservation Campaign. Presenter Stephen Hall will speak to students about creative energy conservation. As well, Argyle School will present their 2015 winning submission and talk about their project. To join us, email Peg at bookings@sasksciencecentre.com, and she will send you the link when it becomes available.

Thanks to our Sponsors

The Saskatchewan Science Centre and the Saskatchewan Environmental Society would like to thank our sponsors for supporting the 2015, 25 Acts of Energy Conservation campaign.
Sponsors provided funding for the campaign, and expertise and educational materials as needed, to support students and schools with their projects.

Thanks to SaskEnergy, The Co-operators and SARCAN.

Congratulations to our 2015 winners

Congratulations to our 2015 winners! Argyle School in Regina, and Churchill High School in La Ronge, created two memorable campaigns to conserve energy and water, and reduce waste. They have each won $1000 for their schools. Have a look at their projects by clicking on their school name.

Check out all the other winners, and the many, many acts of conservation they accomplished at school, at home and in their communities.

Congratulations to everyone for your dedication to creating a healthier environment.

Act 5: Turn stuff off and get outside :-)

As you get ready for Earth Hour on Saturday-­ think about all the fun things you can do that don’t need electricity. Use your own energy and go skating with friends, have a street hockey tournament, or play a board game. Light some candles and play in the dark Saturday night!

Act 4: Turn off printers when not in use

Our 25 Acts tip for today is: If My Family Turns Off Our Printer When Not In Use

We can save 100 kgCO2/year

That’s like planting 0.5 trees

Saved 130 kWh/year, if printer runs one hour/day instead of 8.

Find out if printers in your school are turned off when not in use. Talk to staff in the office or library to ask if printers could be turned off between uses and after hours, and whether a reminder poster or note would help people remember to turn them off.