Bethlehem Catholic High School

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School Name: Bethlehem Catholic High School, Saskatoon

Campaign Name: Solar Schools Initiative – Pilot Project

Campaign Description: This student driven project within Environmental Science 20. It started as an effort to find out how much it would cost to cover our school’s large gym with solar panels. It has grown into something that has been presented to staff, administration, and has been integrated into discussion at the division level. Students contacted a local company for a solar installation quote, gathered power data for our school for the 2015-2016 school year, and did an analysis of the environmental and economic benefits of the project initially and long term. After the course was completed I put the together the summary that is within the attached .pdf.

Campaign Results: The primary result at this point has been a focus on power reduction within the school because we realized how great the power usage was at the school. This then extended to conversations at the division level because our principal wanted to know how we compared to other schools. This resulted in principals being informed about how much electricity and natural gas was being used at each school and how power reduction at each school could result in dramatically decreased operating costs. Power reduction has become a conversation piece at an administrative level because of initial work done by my students. After the class was completed a presentation to staff at Bethlehem Catholic High School garnered the interest of several staff members including those that are part of our justice squad. They started a sign up sheet for what is called the ‘power down patrol’. Those who sign up have the simple job of powering down one of the computer labs each day after school (except for Tuesdays).

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