Ethel Milliken School

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School Name: Ethel Milliken School, Regina

Campaign Name: How Will You “Leaf” Our Planet?

Campaign Description: Ms. Hiebert’s grade 7/8 class has been working hard to spread conservation awareness and practice what they preach. They planned, created and distributed 5 trees made from recycled materials. Each tree was a different type, which the class thought would connect nicely to the campaign, because trees are so important to the environment. On each tree, there were 25 leaves, each with its own act of conservation or discussion tip. Their goal was to create 125 acts of conservation and have students from different areas of Regina participate. Acts could relate to the specific class where the tree was delivered, or involve that class’ entire school.

Campaign Results: Hundreds of Regina students have either heard about or participated in these acts. Special thanks to Ethel Milliken School, Douglas Park School and MacNeill School, the teachers, and their students.

We will continue to share and bring awareness.

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