Bishop Pocock School, Saskatoon

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Award: $200

Grade: Grade 6/7

Campaign Name: Sustainable Development Project

Campaign Description: Waste Reduction: Our class organized a school wide garbage audit. We collected our school’s garbage for one day, sorted it and weighed it. Pictures were taken from the results and our class came up with changes that needed to be made in our school. These changes included: reduce ziploc baggies, encourage people to use reuseable cloth bags rather than plastic bags, create “Food Bins” for students in each class to put unwanted food in throughout the day. Students also collected the garbage from a Boston Pizza Hot Lunch, since they were concerned about the amount of waste evident afterwards. One group decided to voice their concerns to BP through a persuasive essay and tri-fold display which portrayed pictures of the waste we collected, then how our class held a hot lunch and had students bring their own plates and cutlery from home to help reduce waste! Students have signed up for different areas to research and prepare presentations (skits, tri-fold, powerpoints, essays) – which will be delivered to the students and staff of our school within the next few weeks. After the teaching has been done around ways to reduce ziploc bags in school lunches, how to use the classroom food bins, and what can all go into the blue bin recycling, our class will organize another garbage audit and hopefully see some drastic changes in our school!