Caswell School, Saskatoon

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Award: $200

Grade: Grade 7 class

Campaign Name: GEEK (a.k.a. Green Earth Energy Kampaign) Campaign

Campaign Description: All year, Ms Myers’ grade 7 class has been learning about sustainability. From participating in workshops, taking action at home, completing class projects, and leading the school-wide “GEEK” campaign in April, they have shown great leadership and initiative!

Student summary and reflection:

A) What and how we have learned:
– Better Buildings display at the WDM
– tour and presentation at AODBT architecture on the topic of LEED standards and sustainable urban planning
– 2 Destination Conservation workshops- reflecting on our Ecological Footprints and how to reduce them
– conducting research in science class (ecology unit)
– learning about sustainable and “green” building methods- we are going to make our own “green homes” and have a home show in June where we invite other classes to come and learn from our work

B) Actions taken at home and at school:
– led an assembly to kick off “Earth Month”, wore green, and looked good doing it 🙂
– monitored classrooms and waste free lunches
– at home we have taken individual actions including: shorter showers, increased recycling, lights off when not in room, biking, no phantom power from electronics, installing CFL bulbs, being more aware of water use, choosing energy star and more efficient vehicles and appliances when replacing old ones, getting parents to idle less, walking instead of driving when possible, paying more attention to where our products come from and choosing local when possible

C) The impact we have noticed:
– at my house, you hardly see lights on anymore- we use a lot more natural light
– at school, we are seeing less litter and more recycling- our blue bin is much fuller… with the CORRECT materials that it used to be
– the natural light initiative has been really successful, especially since people have realized how easy it is and how peaceful it feels in the classroom
– the lights in our class’ boot room are always turned off once people are finished- we used to forget before!
– other classes are initiating their own “green” projects
– kids who didn’t know what a garbage free lunch meant before know now and are trying to bring them more regularly

Documents:(click to download) Caswell PowerPoint