Fairhaven School, Saskatoon

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Award: $200

Grade: Grade 4/5 class

Campaign Name: Lights Off / Lights Half‐Off Energy Reduction Campaign

Campaign Description: Grade 4/5’s at Fairhaven School together with their teacher Joanna Bell examined the effects of climate change and factors that are contributing to global warming. Small groups discussed possible action plans on many topics and the decided to focus on reducing energy use through a “lights-­off, lights half” campaign incorporating student writing, plays, and art, presentations to classes and the school, information and audits for school and home, and a weekly column in our school newsletter. We were assisted in our journey by many partners including Traditional Knowledge Keeper Darlene Speidel, the Saskatchewan Environmental Society’s Angie Bugg, and SPSD­‐funded technology to monitor energy use in the classrooms via hardware and the internet. Between January and the end of March we achieved a 43% reduction in lighting usage in Grade 1­‐7 classrooms! Many staff and families report being more aware of reducing energy usage in their homes as well.

Documents: (click to view) Fairhaven School 25 Acts.pdf