Prairie Sky School, Regina

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Award: $200

Grade: Whole school

Campaign Name: Saving the Earth and Saving Energy

Campaign Description: Every day at Prairie Sky, we are committed to saving the earth and saving energy for our planet. We hold true to our eco-mandate and we advertise our commitment on our website and our promotional materials. For this challenge, we asked the students to take you on a tour of our school and show some ways that we save energy. We also had a lightbulb challenge where we kept the lights off all day for one week and realized that the sun’s energy was plenty to light our classrooms. With the nicer weather, we held some of our classes outdoors. Our students walked around the community and picked up garbage in addition to composting, recycling, saving water and having garbage free lunches on a daily basis. We are so proud of our school and the families that are committed to saving the earth. Check it out!

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