St. Joseph School, Saskatoon

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Award: $200

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Campaign Name: Green Guardians “Keep Calm and Green On”

Campaign Description: This school year the Green Guardians launched several exciting new school environmental initiatives named “Keep Calm and Green On” to involve the entire student body! In conjunction with our previous green activities, the new activities are bringing our school to a new level of environmental awareness. For the 2013-2014 school year we implemented three different waste reduction initiatives:

1. Blue Bin Blitz: For the month of April we are in the process of giving each and every classroom and work area a single-stream blue recycle bin! These blue bins are collected weekly. Earlier in the year, the Green Guardians outfitted the cafeteria/commons area and the teacher’s staff room with large blue bins.
For one week the Green Guardians “Blitzed” the school by educating students and staff on what to put in the blue bins. Students who recycled were able to enter a draw for movie tickets and a gift to a Saskatoon environmentally friendly business.

2. Water Refill Station: In an effort to reduce the amount of single-use plastic water bottles being used in our school, the Green Guardians installed a new water refill station in the main corridor of our school.
To promote better use of the new water refill station we sponsored a week long “Cell Phone Pic Lottery” where students snapped a pic of the number readout with their cell phone each time they refilled their water bottle. On the last day of the week, the number was announced and the lucky winner won a prize.

3. Green Guardian Composting Program & Garden: We continue to maintain a large raised-bed garden within an area outside our school. To decrease the amount of garbage generated by the school and to enhance our garden, the Green Guardian members operate a school-wide composting program. The cafeteria, teacher’s staffroom and other key lunch areas have a composting station where everyone can contribute their compostable food items. At the start of the school year, the Green Guardians spent a week canvassing the school at lunch hours to remind students to use the compost stations. Students that composted were entered to win tickets to the school musical.
The garden and it’s bounty is a source of pride for our members. All students get to cook with the produce in the Food Studies classrooms. We are constantly improving our garden each season and are especially proud of the rainwater capture system used to water the raised beds.

Documents: Keep Calm and Green On.PDF