St. Luke School, Saskatoon

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Award: $200

Grade: Grade 5 class

Campaign Name: Acts of Conservation

Campaign Description:
Acts of Conservation that went beyond our classroom:
-Brought in Free the Children guest speakers to talk to our school about the Global Water Crisis – in response students set goals to reduce their water use
-Put on a Renewable Energy Fair for the school
-Put on an energy efficient driving workshop for the staff
-Had a video conference with another school to discuss environmental issues
-Created a class blog and made entries about energy issues – others were encouraged to respond to our posts
-Created another class blog where students shared tips on how to save energy – others were encouraged to respond to our posts
-Conducted an energy audit of our entire school and discussed strategies to reduce energy use throughout the school
-Examined the role that media plays in our society and then created a press release to bring awareness to the energy issues we were learning about – a few organizations covered our story
-Coordinated a school wide Earth Hour Event
-Used recycled materials to create an art exhibit which is displayed at the Cliff Wright Branch Library
-Hosted a school wide book swap – we used it as an opportunity to teach about the large amount of energy used to create new products – we shared tips on how to reduce the need to buy new products
-Created an online pledge form which was signed by nearly 200 people making a commitment to reduce their energy use
-Tracked phantom power throughout the school and put a plan in place to reduce it in our classroom
-Tracked the amount of trash generated by our school and then taught the school various ways to reduce our garbage

Acts of Conservation that we completed in our classroom:
-Took part in a Language Arts unit entitled Conservation of Energy
-Took part in a Social Studies unit with our ELO catalyst teacher and teacher Librarian with an environmental focus
-Had a Town Hall debate regarding the development of a new mine in the Saskatoon area
-Students investigated how energy was being wasted in their homes and responded by switching to LED lights, fridge thermometers, and leaky toilet tablets
-Walked to Church and the pool instead of taking a bus
-Designed Recycle posters to promote recycling
-Put up bird houses in yards
-Our caretaker presented to our class about the school environmental initiatives that he was responsible for including using chemical free soap and switching to more energy efficient lights – students shared their suggestions of how they thought the school could become more environmentally friendly
-Read books about the environment
-Students tracked their energy use for three days and then gave up their most energy-intensive “want” for the rest of the week.
-Researched a new transportation technology currently being proposed then presented their mode of transportation to the rest of the class
-Had a debate about the benefits and drawbacks of carbon offsetting through planting trees
-Researched a non-traditional energy problem in a developing nation then designed solutions.
-Developed a proposal for an Outdoor Classroom
-Compared and contrasted our yearly carbon footprint with a person similar in age living in a country in the developing world
-Wrote letters to future generations about energy use
-Learned about wind farms in Saskatchewan and then compared them to wind farms in other provinces
-Researched and ranked energy-efficient transportation in 3 cities
-Researched the amount of water required to produce different items and discussed ways to reduce our water use
-Calculated the carbon footprints of student lunches and then discussed ways to reduce our lunch footprint