Churchill Community High School

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School Name: Churchill Community High School, La Ronge

Grade: Alternate Program

Campaign Name: Waste Not, Want Not

Campaign Description: Our campaign focused on reducing waste in our school. We did research through surveys, garbage audits, visited SARCAN, talked to office staff, and counted paper towels before and after a challenge. We are doing vermicomposting in our classroom of our cooking program and composting of the food waste from the servery. We also did a collection site for milk cartons by the servery. We did several smaller actions, and to got the school involved through a week of challenges: shutting off unnecessary lights; using just one piece of paper towel to dry hands; reading the bulletin boards for environmental information (one on composting, one on the 25 Acts tips and one on recycling in La Ronge); and walking/biking/skateboarding to school. We did tips of the day each day over the intercom and set up a vermicomposting display at the elementary school.

Documents: Click HERE (part 1) and HERE (part 2) to see the full-size documents.