Davidson School

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School Name: Davidson School, Davidson

Grade: Grade 5

Campaign Name: Davidson Energy Pros

Campaign Description: Grade 5 students asked to be leaders of different projects that help teach about energy use, making less waste, and protecting our environment. These projects ranged from teaching mini-lessons to the class about alternative energy to checking for “ghost loads” in the school to inviting members of the community to presentations to setting up a recycled art show in the town library and more! An especially memorable project was sorting through the school trash in order to find out what was being thrown out. We found out that the most waste being produced by weight was compostable, and started composting in the classroom. Another classroom was inspired to start composting as well, and have asked if we can share our composting worms when we get enough! Composting worms even helped us fundraise for a hand-pump well for people in need in India! We started and maintained an indoor garden, and have added compost to it to help it grow. Through these projects, we have learned that we can have a positive impact on their school and community. We want to continue supporting small every day actions, but also help inspire schools be innovative and leaders in positive action!

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