Ethel Milliken School

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School Name: Ethel Milliken, Regina

Grade: Grade 8

Campaign Name: The Fast and The Serious: Behind the “Greens”

Campaign Description: We are on location where The Fast and The Serious movie is being filmed. The movie follows a conservation bike club, who just can’t seem to get it right. We take a closer look “behind the scenes (greens)”, where our film director Bartin Porlazy and the producers help show the bike club how to really help the environment.

Students worked in groups to formulate the direction they wanted this project to take. Every detail was planned, talked about and voted on by all classmates. The students worked in groups to brainstorm every day actions people should be aware of that promote conservation and sustainability. They then wrote scenes and came up with prop and costume lists.

The students chose to film these particular scenes to show that it only takes one small idea or simple action to make a difference. We plan to have a public screening of Behind the Greens at school and post it on social media to bring awareness.