Grant Road School

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School Name: Grant Road School, Regina

Grade: Grade 3

Campaign Name: Voices of Nature

Campaign Description: The Grade 3 class came up with 25 ways to conserve and take care of Mother Earth.  Each student was responsible for representing one act through photos, posters and/or email.  As a class we challenged the entire school to a ‘Lights Out/Unplug’ day.  We walked our recycling and e-waste to Sarcan, donated clothes, books and games to a shelter, and will host a scrap metal and yard waste recycling day on May 2.  Money made from the recycling is being donated to the Grow Hope campaign through MCC and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank to feed our global neighbours suffering from war, drought and natural disasters.

25 Acts prize money will be either added to our Grow Hope donation or, with permission of administration, be used to purchase and install motion sensor light switches in our school washrooms.

Document: Click HERE to see the full-size document.