St. Angela School

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School Name: St. Angela School, Saskatoon

Grade: Grade 6/7

Campaign Name: Recyling Renegades

Campaign Description: For our waste reduction our classroom did several different things throughout our school and community. Our major accomplishment this school year was getting the recycling program set up in each grade. Each classroom now has blue bins that are clearly labelled to help students identify what and where each recyclable item goes. Our classroom is divided up into recycling groups, every day after lunch these groups go around to every classroom in the school to organize and collect their recycling. Once collected the caretaker helps the group dump the large bins into the Loraas recycling bin outside for pickup. To take this further we attended the Loraas Disposal site as a class to learn more about how our efforts are helping our environment. We also went around to each classroom showing videos and having a general discussion on why we recycle. The students were challenged to reduce their lunch waste by bringing reusable containers. For fun we made robots only made out of recyclable materials, the students had a blast! On Earth Day as a school we initiated a school wide cleanup of the playground and then talked about our efforts and why they are important to our environment. We also have multiple carts set up around our school to place unwanted food on so we are not wasting. These carts are labeled “Take a little, leave a little”, we encourage the students at St. Angela school to not waste or throw out unwanted food items and share with students who might need it by placing this food on the cart. St. Angela School takes recycling very seriously to make sure we are doing our part in keeping our environment clean.

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