Walter Murray Collegiate

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School Name: Walter Murray, Saskatoon

Grade: Environmental Science 20 (grade 11) and Environmental Club (variety of grades)

Campaign Name: 25 Acts of Energy Conservation Little action count

Campaign Description: We have spent the whole month looking at all of the 25 acts of energy conservation. We announced one act a day for 25 days. As a class we decided to take on a plan to renovate the courtyard in order to create a usable outdoor classroom space. This would allow classes to book time in the courtyard, allowing them to get out of the class and stop using their lights as well as reconnect with a natural space. The class wants to renovate the space keeping in mind that different needs must be met. The space must be people friendly as well as incorporating natural landscape themes. We plan to use xeriscapeing on the edges with benches and a ground cover like interlocking brick or recycled tire paving for the floor. We have started a plant growing fundraiser. We hope get support from the school and community. The environmental club has been very supportive of our information sharing campaign and designed the green wheels day on Earth day. They also plan to support the renovations as much as they can.

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