Bishop Roborecki School

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School Name: Bishop Roborecki School, Saskatoon

Grade: Grade 8

Campaign Name: Waste Reduction

Campaign Description: Our grade 8’s completed a waste audit and discovered that we need to start composting and create a way to divert perfectly edible food from our garbage. In small groups the students have created skits, movies, presentations, power-points, demonstrations, and posters to raise awareness, and teach a new system. They have implemented classroom sharing baskets, so that if students have food that is edible, but they don’t want, they can add it to the sharing basket. Hungry students can help themselves to the sharing basket. Each classroom has a compost pail. 2 times a week, the grade 8s go around collect the compost, recycling, and juice boxes. They award points to each class that can be used to earn free gym time. The students have taken ownership of the recycling/composting program. They create the schedule, award the points, and give classes feedback on how to improve. We have not yet completed our waste audit but plan to audit our waste again some time in May to see how much we have diverted from the landfill. The students have also taken on the problem of school yard waste and have started to make changes in this area as well. One group created an informational movie with a skit, and the goal is to increase the use of garbage bins outside. The next part of their plan is to tackle plastic waste in lunches. They plan to send information home on their project, educate parents, and then motivate students to bring less waste in their lunches.