Churchill Community High School

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School Name: Churchill Community High School, La Ronge

Grade: Alternate Program

Campaign Name: A Drop in the Bucket

Campaign Description: We expanded our recycling, vermicomposting and composting efforts from last year. As well, we started recycling plastics at the school this year, which has been going well. We held a contest to get people recycling cardboard tubes (i.e. toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, and wrapping paper rolls). We surveyed organizations in the community to assess their environmental efforts, and chose to set up collection cans for used writing instruments to be recycled. We looked at ways to reduce water use, and are trying to get people to use a toilet dam in order to reduce water use. We are also looking at doing fundraising to help people in a developing nation access clean water. We are also partnering with another group to initiate recycling collection in the community.

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