Ethel Milliken School

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School Name: Ethel Milliken School, Regina

Grade: Grade 8

Campaign Name: It’s never too late to high-five the world; you don’t have to be a superhero to make a change!

Campaign Description: My grade 8 students decided that teaching the younger students of our school was important to create a community that conserves and considers sustainability for the future. They went about this job by writing a storybook about 5 students who turn into superheroes to help teach students how they can conserve resources and take care of our environment. They then took the ideas from the book and made them come to life in a fun video. We went to the primary classrooms in the school, read the book to them, and then worked in small groups to come up with ways that each of us can help. Our work was completed on Earth Day which also complimented our school wide “Trashion Show” and picking up garbage outside during our grade 1 reading buddies time. Our main message with this campaign is that “you don’t have to be a superhero to make a change and it’s never too late to high-five the world!” We hope you enjoy our storybook which has come to life. (note: all editing/scripts was completed/composed entirely by students)

Campaign Website: Click here to view the website!