Prairie Sky School

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School Name: Prairie Sky School, Regina

Grade: Grade 4-6

Campaign Name: Our Outdoor Classroom

Campaign Description: Our 25Acts of Conservation campaign was to reflect on our outdoor classroom, how it is used and why it is important for our learning. The grade 4-6 class did an audit of the time we spend outside weekly. We found out, on average our class spends about 21.5 hours/week outside (including afterschool & weekends). Some of those hours are spent in our outdoor classroom where we are using less energy than we would be in our inside, with the lights on and computers plugged in. We also found out that we should try to improve our Ecological Footprint, as it would take about 3.2 earths to sustain our current lifestyles. Spending time outside, helps us develop a deeper connection to the world we wish to conserve. After reflecting on our outdoor space we created a video and share this with our school. Our vision at Prairie Sky School is to educate children holistically through art, community, and nature. One of our main educational tools is our outdoor classroom. Students are encouraged to learn through the natural environment, explore imaginative play, create with their heads, hearts and hands and understand what it means to live with Mother Earth. On a daily basis, our class and the other classes at our school spend time exploring in this outdoor space, providing us with new learning opportunities in all seasons. The more time we spend in our outdoor classroom, the more time we spend using natural light, turning off the lights inside.