Westmount Community School

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School Name: Westmount Community School, Saskatoon

Grade: Gr. 3/4

Campaign Name: Westmount Community Gardening Initiative

Campaign Description: In an effort to reduce our environmental footprint and to normalize the production of food on a small and local scale in our community, we have chosen to focus our efforts on gardening, and waste reducing actions. We have also targeted our younger students to engage them in action learning early on so when they move into middle years, they will have background knowledge to build upon.

Our strategies were threefold: Indoor Gardening in gr. ¾ class, Garden Challenge 2016 (which the gr. ¾ class has taken a leadership role in), and an Earth Day Literacy Camp for K-gr. 4. There were over 100 students involved in the different actions that were undertaken and the majority of our school will be involved with the Garden Challenge 2016 as it rolls out this spring and the upcoming fall.